This is a list of the books I bought last week in order from favorite to least favorite:

Resurrection Man #1

  1. The Unwritten #29 (best book on the shelves)
  2. Severed #2 (I’m really loving this story so far)
  3. Resurrection Man #1 (quite good)
  4. Grifter #1 (shockingly good)
  5. Legend of Drizzt #2 (I’ve been reading about Drizzt since high school)
  6. Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 (pretty good)
  7. Batman and Robin #1 (at least it mentioned Dick Grayson)
  8. Batwoman #1 (beautiful art.  Bette was a member of the Teen Titans…)
  9. Deathstroke #1 (huh?)
  10. Superboy #1 (I loved the last series, and this issue appears to have overwritten Infinite Crisis, Death of Superman and Teen Titans)
I’m still on the fence about items #6-10.  Surprisingly (to me anyway) I’m planning on subscribing to Resurrection Man and Grifter.  I never read much Wildstorm (except for Planetary), so Grifter was a bit of a shock.  Of course, dude has muttonchops, and muttonchops are awesome.