Expecting The Unexpected

I love Vertigo.  Superheroes are fine, but after events and weeklies and relaunches, I sometimes grow weary of men in tights beating the living snot out of one another, and I long for something deeper.  That’s when I turn to Vertigo.  The Unwritten is my favorite title, and I’ve loved many of the classic Vertigo titles such as Fables, Y: The Last Man, The Sandman and Sweet Tooth.  Just as enjoyable are some of the mini-series and on-shots that have come out in recent years.  Joe the Barbarian was beautiful, and I also enjoyed Daytripper and the recent one-shot Strange Adventures.

Last week, Vertigo released an anthology book called The Unexpected.  For $7.99 I was expecting a lot from The Unexpected, and the writers and artists delivered.  My favorite story was Americana, written by Brian Wood and drawn by Emily Carroll.  Beginning in 2012, the story follows a 6-year old girl throughout the course of her entire life as she and her mother, and later her own daughter, attempt to forge a new life in post-apocolpyptic America.  Beautifully drawn, this story was a touching reminder of the power of family, and that a woman can be strong in a way that is completely atypically of many comic book stories.

I hope Vertigo continues to release these anthologies.  I, for one, will definitely be back for more.