Super Hero Relationships Are Hard

Relationships are hard, but I’m sure they’d be harder if you were say an alien or maybe the richest man in the world. Comic book characters become more relatable when attached to a significant other, be it a normal joe-shmoe or a fellow super hero. We all know what its like, there are good times and there are bad times, but sometimes in a relationship you have to suck it up and either stick with it or cut ties. Here are some super hero relationships through the years that have lasted and well some that haven’t.

1. Superman (Clark Kent) & Lois Lane

The classic DC couple, who got married in 1996, have always been a staple in the Superman comics. Though they’ve had their problems, Lois moving away to assert her independence, random appearances of old girlfriends, and a broken engagement, they remain one of the most recognizable, stable and loving relationships in comic books. He’s always there when she needs him and when he’s not Lois is understanding of his role as Superman. This was very prominent in issue #704 of Superman when Lois returns to her hometown and thinks on what her life could’ve been had she not chosen love over a normal life. Unfortunately with the DC Reboot they’ve decided to discontinue their relationship, which I personally think is a shame. The relationship that they have, based on love, understanding, and friendship, is something I believe we all look for and that without them together the DC universe is looking a little less bright.

2. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) & Mary-Jane Watson

The Clark & Lois of the Marvel universe, Peter Parker and MJ Watson go together like PB&J. The ever loved tale of a nerdy kid and his gorgeous next door neighbor, their relationship gave your average nerd the hope that, “hey one day, I too can get a hot girlfriend.” During their off times Peter may have had dalliances with others, Gwen Stacey and  Black Cat, but he always came back to Mary Jane. Their love was so strong that the only thing that could split them apart was essentially the devil and a dying Aunt May. In my opinion Aunt May is about a million years old and making a deal with Mephisto to save her at the price of never being married to the person you love, is kind of the short end of the stick. She’s gonna die anyway, Peter and MJ for life.

3. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) & Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse)

Hawkeye and Mockingbird have one of the most bipolar comic book relationships. They love each other, then they hate each other. They get married, then one of them kills somebody. They get divorced and then Mockingbird dies. Mockingbird gets resurrected and they rekindle their relationship, but as it turns out she’s a skrull and he kills her in a fit of rage. They find the real Mockingbird in a spaceship and then they’re back together again. As of right now they are currently not together, but as always who knows how long that will last.

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