Enter Sandman

Shy of two months ago I had never read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Series. I had only heard good things about the series, but was unable to read it because vol 1 seemed to elude me for so long. Two months ago by some miracle I was able to sit down and over the course of three days I read all ten volumes. Needless to say I fell in love with the series.

Sandman follows Morpheus the king of Dreams and his siblings, the Endless which consist of Despair, Destiny, Desire, Death,  Delirium, and the missing Destruction, and their interactions throughout time with humans and other gods. While I loved the ongoing storyline I always seemed to look forward to the side stories; finding out more about the Endless siblings and their interactions with each other. Sandman is filled with moments that make you think, laugh, and shake your head in horror. If you’re looking for a book filled with mythology, magic, and a great story look no further than Sandman.

If you wish to catch up on Sandman these collected volumes are available to start:

The Annotated Sandman Vol 1 HC

Sandman Vol 1 TP

Absolute Sandman Vol 1

And for the kiddies:

the Little Endless Storybook Vol 1 & 2