Danger Club Review

Danger Club #1 just came out ¬†from Image last week, and I have to say that even though the book was recommended to me, I purchased it with a little trepidation. Here was yet another sort of reality take on the super hero world AND it was all about children being super heroes to boot. Now, where have I heard of that Kick Ass idea before? Hmm… But then I read the story, and looked at the artwork. And, I have to say, the book is pretty good on both counts. I’m not going to spoil anything, but the setup is that all of the world’s adult super heroes have left the planet to fight some galactic threat. The book opens up with the statement that none of the heroes ever returned. And so, the only people left to fight the baddies are the sidekicks.

Now, since this is Image, and not DC for instance, there is no character named Robin per se, but there sure is a character who looks like Robin and who acts a lot like a miniature version of Batman. More so than Robin does, if truth be told. And then there’s young Yoshimi, a girl who pilots a flying robot. Any Flaming Lips fans out there? If there are, you will understand why I thought this kinda straddled the line between being funny and just being annoying. Now, I have to give a warning to any parents who read this blog (yeah, right), that the book is bloody. It’s just as bloody as Kick Ass even, although in this story the kids are real super-powered heroes (most of them, at least), versus just being vigilante kidsters dressing up in poorly made costumes.

All in all, a solid read with a kinda “Hmm, that’s a good point” ending. I recommend picking this title up and seeing where it goes. I know I will.