I thought I’d take a moment to take about Mike Allred, master cartoonist and all-around jazzy guy. He’s working on I, Zombie over at DC/Vertigo these days–probably the niftiest zombie comic ever.

I was first exposed to his work many years ago, on a book called Dead Air–crudely drawn (as compared to what he’s capable of these days). He did a few other projects for Slave Labor and Tundra, if memory serves me, but I became a huge fan of his on Madman–a book that taught me a lot about cartooning and comics–well-written, wonderfully paced, and just wicked cool. If you haven’t read it, go get yourself a few of the collections today. He did some gorgeous work on X-Force and X-Statix for Marvel–bringing a quirky sensibility to mutant franchise.

He lost me for awhile, when he followed his passion to The Golden Plate (a comic adaptation of the Book of Mormon). I don’t have anything against the Mormons–I just strongly dislike any kind of religion in my comics (unless it’s treated as part of the fiction of the form). I should momentarily digress to say that my one exception to that rule was the amazing Nestor Redondo adaptation of the Old Testament published in Treasury format from DC comics in the 70s. I’m not a fan of the subject matter, but Redondo was such a master, that I was stunned by the book.

Anyway, so Allred has regained my support with I, Zombie. It’s well-written, groovy, nifty, ginchy, and an all-around fun read. You won’t be disappointed. And if you’re still in the mood for stories of living dead girls, I recommend Rachel Rising from Terry Moore–the pacing and dialog of Strangers In Paradise, but with a great sci-fi/horror feel. But, I’ll save that discussion for another day…